Qadri Associates is a research based, design-led firm established in 1996 that specializes in Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning projects. Initially it was a sole proprietorship managed by Arch. Ejaz Ahmed Qadri, a renowned architect of Pakistan.

After the addition of Mr. Shahzad Ahmed, a senior civil engineer from UET Lahore, the consultancy later on transformed into AOP. We are now a multi-disciplinary consultancy and Project Management firm having over 23 years of specialized experience in Engineering, Architecture, interior & urban Planning, project management, supervision and construction. Our design projects are environmentally and socially responsible, enriching and respecting the communities they serve and brings a unique perspective & depth of knowledge.

We have comprehensive resources including competent teams of highly qualified professionals, comprising Project Managers, Architects, Urban planners, Engineers and Sociologists to provideall the necessary services from the initial planning to the execution of the projects throughout Pakistan.


Architecture at Qadri Associates uses a holistic approach that constitutes a thorough involvement between the architect and client at all stages. We aim to create and develop impactful projects, with enduring designs, aesthetic integrity and ecologically sustainable environments.


Using the most up-to-date standards and management practices, the engineering team at Qadri Associates draws on computer-aided designs and visualization to make our client’s dream a reality. The team works on projects from their initial conception right through to completion on site.


The façade is just as important as the internal spaces in any project. At Qadri Associates a project begins by gaining an understanding of client needs and using that to visualize how a space should be utilized.


Keeping up-to-date with new developments and techniques employed in construction practices, one of the greatest strengths of Qadri Associates is the team’s ability to thoroughly evaluate and assess technical performance of each project.


With a dynamic team spanning four major cities in Pakistan, we deal with clients, stakeholders, as well as consultants. Our team is experienced in designing a wide range of building types including but not limited to corporate, residential, cultural, leisure and civic.


Comprising of a team dealing with landscape design, socio-economic development, urban fabric analysis and computation Qadri Associates prides itself in undertaking large scale urban projects.


We listen to our clients and their needs for expertise, paying close attention to what is relevant and what our client envisions.


We always put our clients at the center of our strategies, so our work can create visually impactful, economical and sustainable benefits for them.


We think not only about what clients say they want but also how we can anticipate their requirements better,to provide them with a better architectural design.


Great ideas can come from anywhere so we and our engineering / construction partners work together as one team to give our clients the best we have to offer.